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From the selection of dozens of different gift card options, you'll find gifts for everything from commemorating and instantly rewarding staff to celebratory presents for special occasions and delightful corporate gifts. Explore the gift cards according to themes and choose the option that best fits your budget.

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Perfect gift cards

19,90 € - 94,90 €

A wide range of goods and experiences. With the Perfect Gift Card, the recipient can choose from options such as domestic design items, products for hiking and sports, culinary surprises, or high-quality fashion and home textiles.

Made in Finland

39,90 € - 49,90 €

Made in Finland Remember with a gift made in Finland - and support Finnish work at the same time. The selection includes, for example, domestic textiles, kitchen accessories, Finnish delicacies and intangible gifts.

Enjoy outdoors

44,90 € - 59,90 €

A gift card for the active outdoor enthusiast. Give hikers and adventurers the gift of their choice of products and textiles for their next adventure.

Feelia home cooking boxes

49,90 € - 94,90 €

Fresh and delicious Finnish food delivered right to your doorstep. Oikia Food Box offers suitable meals for every dietary need.

Indulgence and well-being

Starting from 74,90 €

Give the gift of relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere. The gift card recipient can choose items like cosmetics, home fragrances, spa products, high-quality home textiles, wellness experiences, or massages.

Finnish design

59,90 € - 89,90 €

Stylish choices for your home and wardrobe. Many of the leading Finnish design classics and popular brands in a single gift card. The selection includes, among others, Artek, Balmuir, Iittala, Luhta, Marimekko, and Pentik.

Perfect Anniversary gifts

146 € - 740 €

A convenient way to commemorate an employee's special occasion or years of service with a gift they will surely appreciate. The selection includes high-quality watches and jewelry, Finnish design products, tools, and intangible gifts.

Finnish design EU

69,90 € - 99,90 €

A wide-ranging selection of everyday essentials. With the Perfect Gift Card, the recipient can choose from options such as domestic design, products for hiking and sports, or high-quality fashion and interior design textiles.

Perfect EU gift cards

29,90 € - 104,90 €

A wide range of goods. With the Perfect Gift EU-Card, the recipient can choose from options such as domestic design items, products for hiking and sports or high-quality fashion and home textiles.

Sari Laakkonen
Financial assistant
Innoflame Oy

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If you want to inquire about purchasing gift cards or a customized option for your company, please contact our sales team. We've also compiled ready answers to the most common questions from gift card buyers and recipients.

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